About Us

Sticky Finger Seeds is a cooperative of Maui’s north shore Medical Marijuana growers that have joined to breed the best medical cannabis genetics possible. Many of the cooperative’s gardeners have been collecting and breeding cannabis genetics for over 45 years locally here in Hawaii; while others have traveled from distant lands bringing their extended cultivators knowledge along with a superb genetics collection.

Sticky Finger Seeds is a Cannabis genetic business that specializes in growing and breeding heirloom and landrace cannabis genetics. I bring 42 personal years of cannabis cultivation and breeding to the table. My 42 years combined with our cooperative cultivation team’s experience bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. For the past few decades I have been purchasing, trading, seeking and collecting every possible cannabis seed available from many of the Dutch and European seed breeders.Recently, I have been working with mostly American Cannabis genetics, with outstanding results. Overall the best surprise results have been from what I call the “sock drawer” stash. By that I mean when a friend or someone at a party or the beach has a seed and says “I don’t exactly know the origins of this seed but it is from my Grandpa’s sock drawer and has to be at least 20 – 30 years old…” I’ll enthusiastically take that seed and grow it (if it pops). The few times I have success germinating these vintage seeds, they turn out to be ‘super genetics’ and are well worth the extra effort. Among many of our great scores was a bag of Mexican seeds from the 70’s. Out of the thousands of seeds only a very few popped. We are currently getting ready to try tissue culture with the few seeds of this batch that are left. With that said SFS now has and working with 9 female parent landrace plant strains and 5 hybrid strains, mostly breeding these parent genetics with other male plants from other American breeder strains. We also have 4 CBD strains 1:1 ratio that have passed our standards for the garden.

SFS is also unique in that we cultivate and breed our cannabis in greenhouses (sun grown) here on Maui. With the perfect growing conditions we are able to cycle 6 times a year, allowing us to locate any instabilities with a strain within those 6 cycles, especially mildew, hermaphrodite and yield instabilities (the climate here can bring out the worst in a strain along with displaying the best characteristics as well.) It is no wonder that a majority of the world’s corn and other food crop seed breeders are located here in Hawaii. The cannabis seeds bred here on Maui are uniquely keyed into the growth cycle process, meaning that Maui at 21 degrees north of the equator allows for the genetic imprint to be perfect for outdoor growers up to 50 degrees north or south (that is as far as we have tested growth patterns with our genetics). Fast flower initiation with large yields have been consistent. This also applies to indoor cultivation with superb results. For the past 2 seasons, SFS has had outdoor test gardens in Maine, Vermont, California, Oregon, Israel, Australia, and Canada, all with outstanding results. This 2016 season we will have initiated partnerships with master growers in California to grow our Sticky Finger Seed genetics to enter in The Emerald Cup and a few of the other Cannabis Cups. We will enter in both indoor and outdoor flower entries, as our seed deliver great results in both conditions. We are also partnering with gardeners in Oregon for breeding Sticky Finger Seed genetics in Oregon and California to make our genetics more available in those states.

We at Sticky Finger Seeds are currently continuing our research and development process in anticipation of the law changes here in Hawaii that will allow us to provide our top shelf genetics worldwide to the quickly emerging legal cannabis world.