Sticky Finger Seeds
Maui, HI
Sticky Finger Seeds
Maui, HI
Sticky Finger Seeds
Maui, HI

Welcome to Sticky Finger Seeds

Sticky Finger Seeds originated as a cooperative of Maui’s north shore Medical Marijuana growers that joined together to breed the best medical cannabis genetics possible. Many of the cooperative’s gardeners have been collecting and breeding cannabis genetics for over 45 years individually, adding up to a collective wealth of knowledge and experience.

Sticky Finger Seeds has the advantage of breeding our genetics in the unique Hawaiian environment which offers the ideal natural testing conditions. Rigorous climate factors such as high heat, humidity, and aggressive pathogens and insects force us to pick only the best parents to breed with and allows us to produce more resistant plants with each generation. Our genetics are bred outdoors to be particularly vigorous, and because of the annual light cycle in Hawaii we are able to flower and breed year round accelerating our results without compromising quality or stability.

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Strains By Sticky Finger Seeds:


Mixed Live by Mad Professor at Reggae on the River 2016.
Featuring Randy Valentine, Marty Dread, U-Roy, and Big Youth.
From Soul Syndicates 3 hour reunion set at Reggae on the River 2016.
Directed by Will Grinnell of Origins Music / Sticky Finger Seeds.
Produced by Mateel, Fully Fullwood & Will Grinnell.

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